Michael Vick’s adjustment to life as a Jet was going just great until a young teammate — no one will say exactly who — called him “sir” in the huddle last week. Vick has been called a lot of things in his controversial career, but that one really stung the 33-year-old quarterback. “That baffled me a little bit,” Vick said Wednesday after Gang Green completed another voluntary practice at their Florham Park facility. “I’m not that old, and I have to reiterate that over and over again. “I may be 10 or 12 years their senior, but when you start calling me ‘sir,’ I need to start thinking about retiring.” And in case you think Vick was lighthearted and smiling when he said that, think again. “I let it slide,” he said. “I let Rex [Ryan, coach] get him. They laughed about it. We got a good laugh off it. Seriously, [though], deep down I really didn’t think it was funny.” Vick might not have found the moment humorous, but it was just the latest example of how warmly and respectfully he has been received by teammates both young and old(er) since signing with the Jets in March. Wide receiver Jeremy Kerley, who was in junior high school when Vick was the NFL’s No. 1 overall pick by the Falcons in 2001, admitted he continues to pinch himself at being able to catch passes from the guy he idolized and used to play as in the Madden video games.