Two years after setting his sights on 30 sacks, Von Miller has tempered his expectations a bit.

Now 30 years old, Miller has set his sights on a more manageable goal.

He’s OK with only 20.

If he can get there, he would be just 2.5 sacks short of the single-season record, and he’d put himself in position to perhaps make a run at the all-time sack record.

With 20 sacks next season, Miller would bump his career total to 118.5 regular-season sacks in nine seasons. The all-time record is 200, which Hall of Famer Bruce Smith reached after 19 seasons in the NFL.

Smith, who never recorded a 20-sack season, reached double-digit sacks in 13 of his 19 seasons.

As Miller enters 2019, he’s yet to reach the halfway mark on his race for 200. But after recording double-digit sacks in seven of his first eight years, he could make a push if he can approach Smith’s longevity.