Chase Utley’s new two-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies is worth $27 million. But if the second baseman stays healthy he can max out at five years $75 million according to major-league sources. Utley who turns 35 on Dec. 17 received three vesting options each worth $15 million on top of his two guaranteed years sources said. Each of his options will vest at 500 plate appearances a figure that Utley has not exceeded since 2009. Yet difficult as it may be for Utley to get his additional years his deal contains far more upside than the two-year $26 million free-agent contracts that the St. Louis Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz and Detroit Tigers’ Torii Hunter signed during the past two off-seasons. None of those deals included options. Utley will receive $15 million guaranteed in 2014 and $10 million in ’15 sources said. He also can earn an additional $5 million in ’15 if he is not on the DL for more than 15 days with specified knee condition. The contract also includes a $2 million buyout and a full no-trade clause. The formula for Utley’s vesting options is straightforward: He needs to reach 500 plate appearances in 2015 to guarantee himself a $15 million salary in ’16. The same math applies in ’16 and ’17 when Utley will be 39. If Utley falls short of 500 plate appearances in any of those seasons his option would revert to a conditional club option sources said. The value of those options would range from $5 million to $11 million depending upon how many days he spent on the disabled list the previous season.