The current season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars doesn’t include a current or former NFL player, for a change. Previously, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said he passed on the opportunity to join the cast. As it turns out, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis said “no thanks,” too. “I got an offer to do Dancing With the Stars this year but couldn’t, even though it was a beautiful opportunity,” Davis told Robert Klemko of “I have a feel for [the demands] now. I know what could be too much for me.” A potential factor in assessing the opportunity may have been his obligation to Fantex, which has purchased 10 percent of his future earnings for $4 million. If any money earned on Dancing With The Stars would have been subject to the Fantex arrangement, the ultimate assessment of the offer surely would have taken into account the reality that 10 percent of the compensation would have been forfeited.