You would be more likely to observe Max Scherzer's eye disorder in a Siberian husky or a Turkish angora cat. That's assuming you took the time to notice, of course, which you probably wouldn't, because dogs and cats rarely appear on national television throwing 95 mph fastballs. As the second-best starter in the Detroit Tigers' rotation, Scherzer gets plenty of face time on your screen. The face is a friendly one, with a wide smile and expressive eyes — the right one blue, and the left one brown. With the Tigers set to open the World Series on Wednesday night, he will be gazing out at a large number of casual fans who might normally assume Scherzer was Mel Gibson's last name in "Mad Max." It's one of the beauties of having the Tigers advance far enough in the postseason that they're playing baseball in absurdly cold weather. Stand next to a stranger at an elevator and you usually both stare at the door, as though you're afraid it's going to move someplace else if you don't keep it honest. But if the stranger is wearing a baseball cap with an Olde English D on the front, you'll spark up a conversation. Have you noticed Scherzer's eyes? What's the deal with Justin Verlander's necklace? And how come Verlander orders his pregame Mexican pizza at Taco Bell without tomato, but he also orders three Crunchy Taco Supremes that come with tomato?