Whether you measure the speed of Mark Buehrle’s fastball with a radar gun, an egg-timer or a calendar, he couldn’t care less. He’s a man who finesses his way through a lineup, time after time, racking up enough outs to parlay his talent into a dozen consecutive seasons of 200-plus MLB innings. His is an extraordinary record where less is more. Friday the crafty Blue Jays lefty worked his way through two innings against the Tampa Bay Rays, allowing a run that should have been erased by his defence, and didn’t throw one pitch harder than 83 m.p.h. “Velocity doesn’t mean much to me,” he said. “The only time I notice (radar gun readings) is if the ball is put in play and I happen to be looking in that area. I’d love to throw 90 to 95 m.p.h. but that’s not me. If I’m getting groundballs and it’s 80 m.p.h. and I’m getting guys out, that’s good enough for me.” Pitchers are notorious tinkerers, always trying to perfect something new, especially in spring training. Buehrle simply goes to the mound and tries to get outs, preferably as efficiently as he can. In addition to his fast-paced approach to hitters, he invites contact the way a spider invites flies into his web. “I’m out there trying to get guys out,” he said. “I’m not working on a certain pitch or situations. I’m working on everything, building my pitch count and getting guys out. It’s spring training and the results don’t matter as much but I still like to get outs. I don’t like to get hit around and give up runs. There’s a pride factor. “Just go out, keep the ball down, get ahead in the count, move the ball around.”