During her deposition in the lawsuit she filed against Los Angeles County, Vanessa Bryant, the widow of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, shared the details of how she found out about Bryant's death for the first time. In her testimony, Bryant explained that she was at home with her youngest two daughters when a family assistant informed her that Kobe and their daughter Gianna had been in a helicopter accident. Bryant was informed of the accident at 11:30 a.m. -- nearly two hours after it occurred. 

"She told me that there was an accident and that there were five survivors," Bryant testified, via USA Today. "And I asked her if Gianna and Kobe were OK. And she said she wasn't sure. She didn't know."  

Bryant revealed that she unsuccessfully tried to call her husband, and then tried to fly to the crash site via helicopter, but wasn't permitted to fly due to inclement weather.