Some of you think the Buffalo Sabres are not a good hockey team. Some of you think the Sabres are a good (or at least pretty good) hockey team that is underachieving in almost every way. Arguments can be made for both sides. What can't be argued is that Thomas Vanek is off to an unbelievable start to this short season. Unbelievable is not a word that I like to use lightly, but it certainly fits the bill here. So do words like incredible, amazing, and the Old Testament definition of awesome. Let's take a closer look at his superlative filled stats. Vanek is currently leading the NHL in points by a decent margin with 19 points in just eight games. That's an astounding 2.375 points per game, a number that would translate to - wait for it - 195 points over an 82 game season. Yes, I said one hundred and ninety five. That's the circa-1984 pace that Vanek is on right now, and I urge Sabres fans to sit back and enjoy it.