In his short time on the job, Vance Joseph has conclusively proved one thing as Broncos coach. He’s great at making inspirational T-shirts. Too bad they did not actually inspire the team to win games. So let’s dish some TRUTH, as big as the block letters printed on the orange T-shirts the Broncos wore during a season so wretched that linebacker Von Miller acknowledges this disappointing team faces “drastic changes.” The most drastic change would be to fire Joseph and find a new coach to lead the Broncos into a new era. But know why dumping Joseph is so hard to contemplate, despite a painful tumble to last place in the AFC West, propelled by the franchise’s worst losing streak in 50 years? Everybody genuinely likes Joseph, from players able to smell a phony from a mile away to media wretches like me. In a profession when coachspeak is a euphemism for the bull former Broncos coach John Fox used to pile on as big as a 2,000-pound Brahma, Joseph is a straight shooter. In defeat, however, the truth is often met with deaf ears. “When it’s a loss, guys really don’t want to hear it,” defensive coordinator Joe Woods said. “But you have to tell them.” Well, here’s the brutally honest truth. The Broncos have not played hard for Joseph. For the second consecutive season, Denver will sit out the playoffs. “Two times not going to the playoffs is just not going to ride,” Miller said. Blame general manager John Elway for obvious holes in a flawed roster, but Joseph has created a crisis of confidence in Broncos Country with game plans that don’t fit the team’s talent. This is a run-first team that inexplicably relied on the pass far too often.