There is an intensity to Aqib Talib that helps make him the wonderful player he is. He plays with ultra-competitive emotion. It’s what helps makes him an All Pro cornerback who one day will receive consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But Aqib Talib has no right to cost his team the game. He may well have committed such an unforgivable act after he got ejected for fighting his personal adversary, Michael Crabtree, while his rookie replacement, Brendan Langley, got beat on a couple pivotal plays during two touchdown drives in the Broncos’ 21-14 loss to the Oakland Raiders here Sunday afternoon at the Oakland Coliseum. “I don’t like it,’’ said Broncos head coach Vance Joseph when asked when he thought about Talib engaging in a fight. “And it’s unacceptable. We can’t lose our best players because of a personal battle. That’s a personal battle. This is about the Broncos so it’s unacceptable. We can’t have it. It’s non-negotiable. Obviously, losing one of our best players and playing a young guy, it hurt us tonight. We can’t have it.’’ Talib wasn’t available to comment after the game. Not only was he ejected a little more 3 minutes after the opening kickoff, he is almost certain to be suspended by the league as this was not his first offense. He was suspended for one game in 2015 for poking the eye of Indianapolis tight end Dwayne Allen. With Talib gone, rookie cornerback Brendan Langley was picked on by Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr.