All’s cool with Isaiah. He’s still a good kid. Mature for his years. He’s only 22 years old, having entered the NFL Draft out of Georgia after his true junior season. He’s still got a chance to become a very exciting NFL player, someday. Sure, he’s frustrated. He’s a rookie and it never comes as quickly as rookies think it will. He was benched last week after dropping another punt against New England. And yes, in retrospect, he probably should have deferred to the All Pro instead of engaging in a Thanksgiving altercation with Chris Harris Jr. during practice Thursday. “It’s a respect thing,’’ Harris said Friday of the previous day’s incident. “Always respect the vets.’’ McKenzie seems to understand. “It was just the heat of the moment,’’ McKenzie told 9NEWS in front of his locker Friday. “It wasn’t anything too serious, too personal. I respect him as a player and as a person. I was just frustrated with myself. I’m just being competitive.’’ By several accounts, some serious punches were thrown, although neither player seemed bruised up Friday.