The Denver Broncos are in a historic rut entering Week 14. They have not won a football game since October 1 when they beat the Raiders 16-10. In fact, Denver has not COVERED a game since then either. That includes being a double-digit home favorite in a loss to the Giants and being a double-digit home underdog in a loss to the Patriots. They lost to the Dolphins 35-9. The Dolphins! Naturally, rookie head coach Vance Joseph, who no longer is having the time of his life, is reaching into his bag of tricks and coming up with a motivational motto for the Broncos in Week 14. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so surely he's busting out the most cliched, generic and yet innovative slogan he can possibly muster. It will inspire men to greatness. It will champion the Broncos to, at the very least, cover against the Jets. DRUM ROLL, PLEASE.... Wait, what? The motto for this week with a team that is 3-9 and hasn't won since October 1 is "NO SURVIVING"? As in, there's not going to be any survivors? Or, we can't survive this? What the hell kind of slogan is that??? Maybe there's some angle on, "Hey, if we don't win this week there is no surviving" and that's OK I guess. But how about "must-win game" or "loser goes home" or something to indicate that the Broncos really need to win against the Jets. The crazy thing is, they're not eliminated from the playoffs yet. The Bengals losing to the Steelers on Monnday kept them afloat, sort of. They're only three games back of the division-leading Chiefs at this point and just four games back of the wild card. There are only four games to play, but still.