Sandy Alderson, who expressed serious concern with Frank Francisco as his closer, is trying to remedy the situation. Alderson is pursuing Jose Valverde to compete -- or more likely unseat -- Francisco as closer, a baseball source told The deal with Scott Boras over Valverde would have to be on the Mets' terms, though. That means it would probably be akin to the contract to which Shaun Marcum agreed -- $4 million base, with a similar amount in incentives based on games finished or saves, in Valverde's case. Valverde, 34, went 3-4 with a 3.78 ERA and produced 35 saves for the Detroit Tigers last season. He earned $9 million in 2012. The Mets have tried to be inventive in locating a candidate to unseat Francisco, who will earn $6.5 million this season. Two baseball sources said Mets brass visited Roy Oswalt in order to try to convince him to come on board as the Mets' closer. Oswalt ultimately is uninterested in trying to follow the path John Smoltz traveled from rotation to closer, so him coming on board is now off the table. The Mets even would consider reuniting with Francisco Rodriguez, who had an interesting end to his first Mets tenure -- with the Citi Field incident with his girlfriend's father, then hurriedly being traded to a team that would have been on his no-trade list, had it been properly submitted. However, a K-Rod reunion is unlikely. Boras, who also represents Rodriguez, is believed to still be seeking about $7 million for his services.