Scott Hartnell said it. Claude Giroux didn’t exactly disagree. Nor did goalie Ilya Bryzgalov. Unless this Flyers club gets its act together, there won’t be a postseason. Points are slipping away quickly. Teams both ahead and behind the Flyers have many games in hand. A double-whammy for any “bubble” team -- and that’s what the Flyers are at this point. “It’s a tough year for us,” Bryzgalov said of Hartnell’s assessment. “I definitely agree with him. We need to do lots of work and we need to play every day is like our last chance. Otherwise, we’re going to be watching the playoff games on the TV. “We were five games under at the beginning of the season and I guessed we sort of dug ourselves out of the hole. We have lots of work in front of us.” Is this more a mental or physical thing with the players? “You know, I can’t answer for everybody,” Bryzgalov replied. “You have to ask the coach.”