Three University of Virginia football players were shot and killed on campus Sunday after suspected gunman and ex-Cavalier walk-on Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. allegedly opened fire on a charter bus upon returning from a class field trip to Washington, D.C. Two others were also shot and injured.

More information regarding the shooting has been revealed in recent days, including news that UVA football player Mike Hollins, who was hospitalized after being shot in the back, ran back on the bus to try to save others.

Hollins' mother, Brenda Hollins, relayed what happened to ESPN's Mark Schlabach.

The junior running back implored the driver to stop the bus after realizing what was happening and ran out with two other students. He told the students to keep running before returning to the bus to attempt to save others.

"His classmates are grateful for him because they said he saved their lives," Hollins' mother told Schlabach on Thursday.