Tim Floyd walked calmly into the media interview room, just up the tunnel in the Don Haskins Center, in this building that has been his home away from home for more than 16 years — most of the last eight years as UTEP's head basketball coach. He was quiet for a mini-eternity. And then he dropped a bombshell. "I'm through. I've retired as of today. This is my last game as a coach," Floyd said. Floyd's announcement came a matter of minutes after UTEP dropped a 66-52 decision to Lamar University down on the floor of the Haskins Center. He talked to the team, leaving them all red-eyed, the tell-tale trail of tears. The 63-year-old Floyd actually prefaced his bombshell by complimenting his team, about how hard they played in the second half. He then calmly broke into a monologue. "I’ve coached for 42 years and I love this school," Floyd said. "My father played here. Nobody wants to win here more than I do. I’ve coached at this university for 16 years and I think it’s time for somebody else to have the opportunity to have the joy that I’ve had, the agony that I’ve had, the acclaim that I’ve had and the heartbreak that I’ve had in my career." Floyd's announcement came on the day Jim Center was introduced as UTEP's new athletic director. But Floyd said they had had no conversations and this had nothing to do with Center's arrival.