If LaDarrius Jackson is guilty, he should be jailed under the prison. according to the Tampa Bay Times, the South Florida defensive end has dismissed from the university, after being charged with raping two women in one 30 day span. Jackson was arrested on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment on Wednesday, similar charges he’s facing from a May 1 arrest in a separate incident. Jackson, a 22-year-old junior defensive end, turned himself in at Orient Road Jail and is again facing charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment, the same charges filed in his May 1 arrest by USF police. He also has been dismissed from the football team. He had been suspended from team activities after the first arrest. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the latest report of an assault occurred during a visit to a woman’s Hillsborough County home March 27. She told detectives she was putting items in her bathroom when Jackson asked her multiple times to shower with him. She repeatedly denied Jackson’s requests and attempted to leave the bathroom, but he blocked the door, she reported.