After spending the past couple of years up north, Bennie Coney could be headed south back toward more familiar territory. Head coach Tommy Tuberville confirmed Wednesday that the quarterback has decided to take his leave of the Cincinnati football program. The player himself confirmed via Twitter the reason behind his decision to transfer: the opportunity for more playing time. “Time was ticking, I’m hungry to b the starter in someone’s program,” Coney tweeted. Munchie Legeaux, he of the gruesome knee injury early in the 2013 season, has started 14 games under center for the Bearcats and will be back for another season after receiving an additional year of eligibility earlier this month. Additionally, Gunner Kiel, the five-star 2012 Notre Dame signee who didn’t have the chesticular fortitude to play for LSU, will be in the mix for the starting job after sitting out the 2013 season following his transfer from the Irish.