The story of Brian Urlacher's offseason contract negotiations with the Bears just won't go away. The eight-time Pro Bowler and 2005 NFL Defensive Player of the Year sat down on "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" recently to discuss the events leading up to his retirement. This offseason was the first time Urlacher had truly been a free agent in his 13-year career. He felt he was worth more than the Bears offered in contract talks and wound up retiring when no deal could be met. "I probably would have stayed" Urlacher said. "But I was so mad at the way it was handled. I thought it was just wrong the way it all went down." When the contract negotiations broke down March 20 Urlacher said the Bears had a tweet out "30 seconds" after his agent got off the phone with the team saying the esteemed linebacker wouldn't be returning to Chicago for the season. According to Urlacher that gave the impression they had a press release already ready to go. He also said he hadn't talked to the Bears for most of the offseason leading up to that late March day.