Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher ended his illustrious NFL career Wednesday when he announced his retirement. Now it’s time for the next chapter in his life. Could it be as a television analyst? "I don’t know how good I’d be at that," Urlacher told the Tribune. "It would take a lot of work to get me ready for it. But that might be something I look into." Breaking down football on TV isn’t new to Urlacher. He was a regular paid guest on Fox Chicago’s "The Final Word" with host Lou Canellis the past three seasons. Plus, Urlacher isn’t camera shy, as his long-running Comcast Xfinity commercials proved. Ray Lewis landed a gig with ESPN a month after Baltimore won the Super Bowl, so a retired middle linebacker making the transition to TV isn’t a stretch. But Urlacher said no one has reached out to him. "People don’t want to do anything with you until they’re sure you’re done," he said. So is Urlacher finished? Remember, one Chicago sports icon – Michael Jordan – walked away from the game twice but returned. "First of all, Michael was like 30 when he (first) did it, and it was basketball, not football," Urlacher said. "It’s a little different for us. ... I’m done." Although he was glad to play all 13 NFL seasons with the Bears, Urlacher did admit having the urge to possibly finish his career in one other place, had there been an opening. "If I could have picked a spot, it would have been Dallas," said Urlacher, who grew up a Cowboys fans. "They run our defense. They took our d-coordinator (Rod Marinelli). That would have been ideal. But they have two really good young linebackers."