As we enter the third week of free agency and Andre Smith remains unsigned, let us take a look at five contracts that will have some bearing on how much Smith will get either from the Bengals or elsewhere: THE CEILING Via Sportrac, Jake Long’s deal with the Rams is worth $34 million over four years, which makes the average per year $8.5 million. All but $14 million of it is guaranteed. The only part that isn’t is his base salary of $8.75 million in 2016 and more than half of his 2015 base ($5.25 million of the $9.25 million base isn’t guaranteed). Long got a signing bonus of $5 million. THE FLOOR That will be the deal reached between the Patriots and Sebastian Vollmer. According to various reports the parameters of the deal is four years at $17 million with $8.25 million guaranteed. With various incentives it can go up to $27 million. That means the average per year right now is $4.25 million but if all the incentives are hit, it could rise to $6.75 million. IN THE MIDDLE Early in free agency, Indianapolis signed Gosder Cherilus to a five-year, $34.5 million contract with $15.5 million guaranteed ($10 million signing bonus plus the base salary of $5.5 million for this year). While the total money is commiserate with Long’s, we put this contract in the middle because the average per year is $6.9 million. Phil Loadholt re-signed with Minnesota for $25 million over four years ($6.25 million average per year), including a $7 million signing bonus. Loadholt has an economical cap number of $4.75 million this season and it increases by only $1 million every season after that. Andrew Whitworth’s five-year extension with the Bengals that he signed in 2011 was worth $30.4 million ($6.08 average per year) with $5 million guaranteed. Not included though in the guaranteed money was a $2.5 million signing bonus earned the first year of the deal, so the unofficial guaranteed is more like $7.5 million.