Top 50 lists are a common thing within the sports world, but it is particularly fascinating in baseball. MLB has been around longer than any other American professional sport. The amount of time the sport has been around makes the amount of players to choose from expansive. These 50 players are truly the best of the best, those that mastered the sport at the highest level. This list is full of diverse and special talents that left their mark on the sport forever.

MLB Greats:

50. Brooks Robinson

Stats: 78.4 WAR, .267 AVG, .713 OPS, 1357 RBIs

Accolades: MVP x 1, All-Star x 15, Gold Glove x 16

Brooks Robinson spent 22 seasons in MLB fields, every single one with the Baltimore Orioles. He is a Baltimore legend and for good reason.

He had one of the longest careers in MLB history and he is also one of the greatest defenders in history. His 16 gold gloves is his greatest achievement.

49. Chipper Jones

Stats: 85.3 WAR, .303 AVG, .930 OPS, 1623 RBIs

Accolades: MVP x 1, All-Star x 8, Silver Slugger x 2, World Series x 1

Chipper Jones is an Atlanta Braves legend and one of the best players in the 21st Century. Throughout his 18 seasons in the MLB, Chipper was consistently one of the best hitters in the league. He was a great player and he certainly earned a spot on this list.

48. Christy Mathewson

Stats: 106.5 WAR, 2.13 ERA, 1.058 WHIP, 2507 SOs

Accolades: World Series x 1

Mathewson is the first pitcher on this list and a very deserving one. He was a pitcher for 17 seasons in the MLB, most of which were played with the New York Giants. He was a pioneer at the pitching position.

He was a rookie in 1900 and he brought in the century by being one of the best pitchers, and players, in MLB history.

47. Al Kaline

Stats: 92.8 WAR, .297 AVG, .855 OPS, 1582 RBIs

Accolades: All-Star x 18, Gold Glove x 10, World Series x 1

Al Kaline is one of the greatest defensive first baseman in history and a good hitter too. He was in the MLB for 22 seasons and all of them were spent in Detroit. He made a name for himself on the defensive end by winning ten Gold Gloves but he was a good enough hitter that he also won a batting title.

46. Miguel Cabrera

Stats: 69.2 WAR, .313 AVG, .930 OPS, 1732 RBIs

Accolades: MVP x 2, All-Star x 11, Silver Slugger x 7, World Series x 1

Miguel Cabrera is one of the greatest players of the modern era. He is an incredible hitter and can hit for both power and average. During his 19 year career, he has gone through many changes as a player. He began his career in Florida before joining the Detroit Tigers, where he found the majority of his success.

45. Wade Boggs

Stats: 91.4 WAR, .328 AVG, .858 OPS, 1014 RBIs

Accolades: All-Star x 12, Silver Slugger x 8, Gold Glove x 2, World Series x 1

Wade Boggs is an NL East legend. Boggs spent 18 years in the MLB, 11 with the Boston Red Sox, five with the New York Yankees, and two with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He won a championship with the Yankees in his last All-Star season.

44. Rod Carew

Stats: 81.2 WAR, .328 AVG, .822 OPS, 1015 RBIs

Accolades: MVP x 1, ROTY x 1, All-Star x 18

Rod Carew spent 19 seasons in the MLB and he made the All-Star game all but his last season. He was one of the greatest contact hitters in baseball history, topping out in his MVP season with a .388 batting average. Carew also had a 15 year stretch where he never dropped below .300, which is one of the best stretches in MLB history.