As the draft approaches, it’s important to remember that “anonymous scouts” may have a Machiavellian agenda, saying bad things about players they hope other teams won’t draft and good things about players they hope some other sucker will select. With that caveat, consider this fairly harsh criticism from an unnamed scout of Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer. “He’s a pure millennial,” the anonymous scout told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “He’s caught up in being more of a quarterback image than being a quarterback. If he goes to the right spot with the right coach, he’ll ascend. They’re going to have to get him to focus on football. I honestly think this guy would do better in a small market. If he goes to a big market he’ll enjoy everything else that comes with the position. The one position in the building you don’t want to worry about whether he’s going to be focused on football is quarterback.” Since we don’t know who the unnamed scout is, it’s possible he works for a team that is in a small market and that hopes to land Kizer, who is regarded as having a potentially big upside. And the upside is the key, since teams without franchise quarterbacks know that the draft is one of the few places to find one.