Mike McDaniel wasted no time encouraging Tua Tagovailoa after becoming the Dolphins' new head coach this offseason, calling the quarterback during his first flight to Miami and promising he'd "get all that greatness out of you." Months later, with the 2022 season around the corner, McDaniel has revealed his key for taking Tagovailoa to the next level: unlocking the QB's "bravado."

Appearing recently on "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz," McDaniel pointed to a charity event as the moment he realized what he needed to do with Tagovailoa, much-maligned two years into a conservative run as Miami's starter.

"When I first got here, when I first met him, and took in his personality, (this) was a guy that was very guarded with scars," the coach said. "This offseason, Tua had a foundation event. This guy that was quiet -- you could tell he was trying to please -- he jumps on stage with some bongos in the background and is dancing with this glow -- chest out, (with a) confidence, a bravado, that was magnetic.