Saturday was "Here We Buy" Night at the Sleep Train Arena. It certainly wasn't Utah Jazz Night. Fearful of seeing their team skedaddle to Seattle, Sacramento fans showed up in droves to support their Kings. And for one night, at least, the rowdy crowd was loud and proud like the good old days. No cowbells were even required to raise the decibel level on a night Sacramento blew out the visiting Utah Jazz 120-109. "They played to the crowd, and the crowd was into it," Jazz forward Paul Millsap said. "It gave them a little extra boost of confidence." It might have looked like it in the second half — when Utah fell behind by as many as 20 points — but the Jazz weren't just being magnanimous in an effort to help their old rivals stay in SacTown. Despite losing four straight and eight of nine coming into this one — including a 98-91 overtime defeat in Utah on Monday — this pumped-up Sacramento squad looked like a Chris Webber-era club.