You almost wished Titus Young could have been at Media Day so he could listen to future Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss. You wish he could have heard Moss describe his love for the game and how he cried, literally cried, when he decided to step away from football for a year. You wish Young could have listened to Moss talk about how he's learned to appreciate the impact he can have without being the primary target. "I don't like my role, I really don't," said Moss, who is essentially the third receiver in the 49ers package. "I like to be out there playing football. One thing I always (struggled) to really understand was being a decoy. It was put to me by (former coach) Dennis Green in Minnesota, even though the football is not in your hands, you still dictate how the defense is playing." Young has chafed for the last two years about his role in the Lions offense. To the point of causing a distraction, he wanted to be more of a focal point of the offense; never mind that Calvin Johnson was in the process of setting an NFL record for receiving yards in a season. "It took me a while to understand that," Moss said. "But now I understand that with my presence on the field, I don't have to always touch the ball to help the offense. I don't like it but I am used to it. I had to grow to understand it and grow to like it. I have always been a team player. I've never been about self. Anything that pushes our team to victory I am willing to do."