Tom Jurich’s firing has already cost University of Louisville athletics more than $6 million. Max Baumgardner, an 88-year-old retired pilot and still-savvy investor, protested the dismissal of U of L’s long-time athletic director Thursday by instructing his attorney to change the terms of his charitable trust. Instead of an allocation that was worth an estimated $6.3 million when the donation was publicly disclosed in 2015, the athletic department now stands to get nothing. “I’m not 100 percent happy with myself for doing that,” Baumgardner said, “but it’s the only thing in my anger that I could think to do. ... Frankly. I have feelings about it: Have I done the right thing or the wrong thing? Have I hurt the wrong people because I’m angry at the board of trustees?” Baumgardner credits Jurich with accomplishing “what I didn’t think anybody else could have done” and blames his dismissal on “powerful, small-minded people.” Mindful of potential litigation, the University of Louisville board of trustees voted 10-3 to fire Jurich with “just cause” on Wednesday without presenting a rationale for its decision. In the absence of a formal explanation, Baumgardner has arrived at his own conclusions.