Manchester United’s leading shareholder aside from the Glazer family has expressed concern at the “reputational damage” that has been inflicted by the European Super League.

United were one of 12 clubs that announced plans last month for a breakaway competition, only to withdraw just two days after publicly revealing the plans.

Now Nick Train’s Lindsell Train UK, which owns the equivalent of seven per cent of United, has discussed the situation in a statement. Train himself revealed he wanted a meeting with United executives after the news emerged.

Who is Lindsell Train UK?

Lindsell Train UK is an equity fund which owns 27 per cent of the available United A-shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

That means they, in effect, own seven per cent of United. The fund also own 11.3 per cent of the available Juventus shares, and shares in Celtic. Juventus were also part of the breakaway 12 clubs.

What did Train say?

In his monthly update to investors, he said: “The announcement of the breakaway European Super League in April came as a surprise to us.

“In response, we requested and have now had meetings with all three clubs [including Celtic].