Officially, the NFL Players Association didn’t pick a fight with the NFL over Thursday’s memo that ramps up the pressure on unvaccinated players to get vaccinated. Unofficially, the union isn’t pleased.

As one union official predicted on Friday, there were no forfeits in 2020 and there will be no forfeits in 2021 — especially not with full stadiums of paying customers whose money would have to be refunded. They’ll get the games played, like they did in 2020. And they currently have more than enough vaccinated players to make that happen.

NFLPA spokesman George Atallah described the NFL’s memo to PFT as “classically tactless.” Beyond that, Atallah declined to comment.

The union, we’re told, wants to reduce the temperature when it comes to unvaccinated players being backed into a corner. The concern, per the source, is that when players lash out on social media against the vaccine, it potentially influences fans to take the same viewpoint.

That’s one of the main reasons why the union has resisted making vaccines mandatory. If that question were put to a vote of the union, it likely would prevail.