Today, rookie quarterback B.J. Daniels termed the 49ers’ mammoth offensive playbook a “dictionary” and conceded he’s still in the learning-the-A-B-Cs portion of his NFL education. “I’m just trying to make sure I know how to tie my shoes and walk correctly,” Daniels said. If Daniels’ history is a guide, however, it’s doubtful the professional stage will be too big for him – even if that playbook is a monster. A seventh-round pick from South Florida, Daniels starred in the midst of a baptism by fire as an 18-year-old freshman. In his first start college start on Sept. 26, 2009, Daniels was tasked with leading visiting USF against No. 18 Florida State and quarterback Christian Ponder, a future first-round pick. Daniels responded by rushing for 126 yards, throwing for two touchdowns and accounting for the 314 of the Bulls’ 368 offensive yards. How did he pull it off? Daniels said he was fortunate because he’s from Tallahassee and grew up going to Florida State games. Of course, the jump from spectator to starting Division I quarterback is a fairly daunting leap for most. Daniels, obviously, is a bit different. “It wasn’t an uncomfortable environment for me,” Daniels said. “It wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before. (The only difference) was I’m not sitting in the stands any more.” Daniels, the No. 237 overall pick last month, now faces a similarly imposing challenge. While digesting those endless Xs and Os, he will battle for the No. 3 quarterback spot, presumably against Scott Tolzien, while also trying his hand at other positions.