Good Day College Hockey Fans! Are you feeling a void yet? I know I am. Looking at the calendar, we’re supposed to be going to college hockey games. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the 2020-21 college hockey season on its head. In my humble opinion, 2020 can’t end fast enough. It’s been a trying and dreadful year.

Looking at the University of North Dakota hockey schedule, fans should be preparing for the third non-conference game of the season in Nashville, TN. Instead, fans are staying home. Enough with the negativity. There is hope. Moving forward, the NCHC is tentatively scheduled to begin play in late November.

NCHC Bubble?

According to Brad Schlossman, the National Collegiate Hockey Conference could be headed to the bubble-like the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs that were held in Edmonton, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario.