North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams’ name appeared in a legal filing Tuesday night, and it referenced nothing about the academic scandal that had been a backdrop to Tar Heels athletics for several years. It had to do with Williams’ comments regarding the prospect of athletes receiving comprehensive post-college insurance benefits not currently offered by schools. He also was asked for his views on whether this could have any negative impacts, including the potential impact on fan interest, if these benefits were offered. Williams indicated that he could not see this having any negative impacts, including on fan interest. Both are major issues in a lawsuit challenging the NCAA’s current compensation limits for Division I men’s and women’s basketball players and football players at Football Bowl Subdivision schools. The lawsuit is aimed at the NCAA and 11 major conferences. The academic saga at UNC is being mentioned in the case as one of the plaintiffs’ rebuttals to the NCAA’s contention that the compensation limits help promote the integration of academics and athletics. However, that was not the topic being covered in an excerpt of a deposition from Williams that was entered into the case record Tuesday night. The questions, on Sept. 8, 2016 in Chapel Hill, N.C., were aimed at the NCAA’s contentions about the importance of athletes’ amateur standing to fan interest in college sports and to athletes' integration with fellow students.