Major League Baseball fined Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler for his comments about umpire Angel Hernandez this week, but the union representing MLB umpires is far from satisfied. The World Umpires Association issued a statement condemning the lack of support from the Office of the Commissioner: “This week, a player publicly and harshly impugned the character and integrity of Angel Hernandez – a veteran umpire who has dedicated his career to baseball and the community. The verbal attack on Angel denigrated the entire MLB umpiring staff and is unacceptable," the statement read. "The Office of the Commissioner has failed to address this and other escalating attacks on umpires. The player who denigrated Hernandez publicly said he thought he would be suspended. Instead got far more lenient treatment – a fine. He shrugged that off and told reporters he has ‘no regrets’ about his offensive statements calling for an end to Hernandez’s career.