Upon further review, home plate umpire Marty Foster said he blew the call that ended Monday's game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers. Ben Zobrist was batting with Sean Rodriguez on first base and the Rays down a run when Rangers closer Joe Nathan appeared to have bounced his full count pitch outside. Foster called it a strike, which ended the game and sent the Rays to a 5-4 loss. Zobrist threw his batting helmet. "I was very shocked," Zobrist said. "And I think everybody was shocked. I was just trying to explain to him that it wasn't just outside. It was down, too. I mean it was a ball. But like I said, Marty's like everybody else. He's going to make mistakes at times. It's part of all of us as we're trying to get better in the game." Rays manager Joe Maddon charged from the dugout to argue the call. "My only comment on the whole situation, my only thought is that cannot happen in a major league baseball game," Maddon said. Foster, after watching a replay afterwards in the umpire's dressing room, agreed. "I saw the pitch, and of course I don't have a chance to do it again, but had I had a chance to do it again I would not have called that pitch a strike," Foster told a pool reporter after the game. A lot of good that did the Rays, who began a 10-game, four-city road trip on a bad note.