Both benches emptied, but little more than angry words came of it between the Tigers and Orioles in the top of the eighth inning Monday night at Camden Yards. Torii Hunter took exception to a pitch from starter Bud Norris that hit him following a two-run home run by Ian Kinsler that gave the Tigers a 4-1 lead. The two squawked at each other, but with players getting in the middle of it as peacemakers — notably Miguel Cabrera — peace was quickly restored. Norris was ejected, and only left the field after another screaming match with Hunter. Also of note, during the benches-clearing fracas, third-base umpire Paul Nauert briefly put a hand on Hunter’s face, something Hunter appeared to take exception to. Players are suspended when they touch umpires, so players don’t look kindly on umpires touching them. “That’s my guy,” Hunter said of Nauert. “He was trying to cover my mouth. I’ve known him too long (to be upset). He was just saying to me, ‘C’mon, T. You’re way better than that.’ And he’s right. “I apologize to the fans for my reaction.” A review by Major League Baseball is expected to begin Tuesday, a source told The Detroit News. Back in 2009, umpire Paul Schrieber put a hand on Magglio Ordonez’s back after Ordonez objected to a strike-three call. It led to a classic Jim Leyland blowup and ejection, and Schrieber apologized the next day. The Tigers won Monday’s game, 4-1, with Rick Porcello improving to 6-1 on the season.