Stephen Morris, the University of Miami quarterback, expressed the view of many participants in the NFL Scouting Combine when he said basically gave a “no comment” on the Dolphins’ bullying scandal. “I really have no place to comment on it because I really haven’t been in the locker room, I haven’t followed anything,” Morris said. And every player, not surprisingly, said he wouldn’t have any hesitation about being in the Dolphins locker room. “Definitely not,” said Florida State running back James Wilder, Jr. Still, they were surprised about the bullying. “I was like, ‘What’s going on? Obviously you guys should be brothers and you should be a family,’ “ Wilder said. “But I haven’t put too much thought into, or actually even heard enough of the story to know what’s really going on and be able to make a judgment.” Alabama tackle Cyrus Kouandjio, a possible second-round pick for the Dolphins, said he was a bit puzzled by the entire situation. “I don’t understand bullying,” he said. “At Alabama we were like a family environment. We accepted the young guys, brought them up, and taught them how to win. We didn’t have any of that at Alabama.” Mississippi State guard Gabe Jackson, someone the Dolphins might consider in the second or third round, said the Wells report isn’t even on his mind.