He doesn't look for it, or even like it, but even the elusive Pavel Datsyuk can't avoid the attention after his great first round. And this week he's getting it in the form of a nice feature in the new Sports Illustrated. The article, by Brian Cazeneuve, hits all the high points Red Wings fans know and love about Datsyuk: His modesty: Datsyuk thought his Moscow Dynamo teammates were kidding when they told him the Wings had drafted him. "They showed me the newspaper two days later," Datsyuk is quoted. "And I thought, 'OK, printing mistake.' " His work ethic: "He had these natural gifts of an All-Star," Nicklas Lidstrom tells SI, "but he also worked and worked at all the little things the way a fourth-line guy would. That's why what you see today is one of the best players in the NHL."