James Bouknight appeared before a judge on Monday, apologized to all affected by the incident that led to his arrest and suspension from the UConn men’s basketball team, and was accepted into the accelerated pretrial rehabilitation program at Rockville Superior Court.

“I’m extremely sorry for what happened," Bouknight told reporters in the lobby when the process was finished. "I’m learning from this. I’m learning I need to be the student, best athlete, best citizen I can be.”

Bouknight, with attorney Rob Britt at his side, did not take any questions. He is expected to rejoin the Huskies and make his debut against Buffalo at the Charleston Classic Thursday in South Carolina.

Under the terms of the accelerated rehab program, Bouknight must stay out of trouble, no further arrests, and the charges, which include driving without a license, driving too fast for conditions, evading responsibility and interfering with police, will be dropped in one year, on Nov. 18, 2020. As a condition of his acceptance into the program, he must pay for the owner for damage to the vehicle he used.