On the same day that Yahoo Sports published an explosive story that details impermissible payments from agents to at least two dozen college athletes or relatives, UConn football head coach Randy Edsall took a stand on Twitter in favor of paying college athletes. Edsall, heading into his second season in his second stint as UConn’s coach, made the statement Friday afternoon. “With @NCAAFootball proposal 2017-99 adopted Colleges and Universities will employee more people in their scouting departments than the NFL and still not paying the players with all the money being brought into the Conferences. We’ve become a farm system. #PayThePlayers,” he tweeted. Proposal 2017-99 was adopted by the NCAA last month and allows for college football programs to hire as many people as they want in their scouting departments to analyze recruits. The report reignited the debate over whether to pay college athletes. While there is support among some coaches and other officials, it has never been decided how athletes would be paid, how much and which athletes if it was not all of them.