Ubaldo Jimenez has gone two-for-two, and that's not a good thing, but that is of only passing concern to him. More important to Jimenez: He's happy to be an Indian, and he was unhappy being with the Colorado Rockies. Jimenez made his second spring start Thursday in a 6-5 loss to the Los Angeles Angels, faring no better than in his spring debut last Sunday. Assigned to pitch three innings, Jimenez gave up two runs, two hits and two walks and delivered a wild pitch in the first inning, recovering in the second to retire the side in order on eight pitches. By that time, his pitch count had reached 39 (31 in the first inning, including only 15 strikes), and Indians manager Manny Acta called a halt to the outing. In his first start, Jimenez gave up five runs (four unearned because of an error), five hits and one walk, so he has not been a raging success in the early portion of exhibition season. Whether that is a bad thing or totally meaningless is to be determined at a later date. But there is one thing Jimenez knows for sure: He loves the Indians, because they rescued him from what he felt was an intolerable situation in Denver. He hasn't said much about his former life with the Rockies, but he has given clues. Early in camp, he talked about Rockies player development officials trying to change his delivery, which he fought. Thursday, he mentioned his dissatisfaction with the organization again.