Maybe there's nothing to worry about. Ubaldo Jimenez is not at his best in spring training. He said so himself Saturday after giving up six runs in 3‚ innings, as the Indians lost to the Cincinnati Reds 9-2 at Goodyear Ballpark. "I've probably had one good spring training," Jimenez said afterward. That might explain why he has struggled to consistently retire batters and maybe not. It probably doesn't allay the concerns of the Tribe's deep thinkers, who gave up the farm system's two brightest pitching prospects to pry him loose from the Colorado Rockies last summer. With only two weeks left in spring training, manager Manny Acta is no longer willing to brush aside poor performances by pointing to the calendar. "Ubaldo had very little command of his pitches today," Acta said. "He threw 80-some pitches to get through 3‚ innings. He has three more outings to go. Those next three will tell us if we have something to worry about or what. It's time for him to get it in gear." Saturday, Jimenez was back on his heels from the first batter on. Brandon Phillips led off the game by whacking a home run to left, and Jimenez never quite was able to restore order. He explained the home run, saying, "It was a split that slipped out of my fingers and stayed up." Jimenez got a measure of revenge when he struck out Phillips in the second and fourth innings.