Blue Jackets defenseman Fedor Tyutin said he "could have chosen his words a little better" when he spoke to a Russian reporter on Monday in defense of his friend, Colorado Avalanche goaltender Semyon Varlamov. Varlamov faces second-degree kidnapping (a felony) and third-degree assault (misdemeanor) for an alleged assault last week in Denver. In an interview with R-Sport, part of Russian's well-regarded RIAN network, Tyutin said: "I personally know Semyon very well. He is quite a true, considerate guy. As soon as I heard it all, I realized that it is all blown (out of proportion). "It's just American laws are on the women's side. That's why they can go to the police for any little thing, complain and bring a lot of problems to men. That's why the only mistake of Semyon is that he got together with this girl." His words were translated by Yahoo's Dmitry Chesnokov. Tyutin, interviewed by The Dispatch prior to tonight's game vs. Ottawa did not deny making the comments, nor did he say his words were distorted by translation from Russian to English. He did regret his comments, however. "I don’t support any violence against women," Tyutin said. "I have my own two daughters. I would never want anything like it to happen to them. I know Semyon. I know him very well. I was just trying to be supportive to him. "I should have chosen my words a little better. I think everybody is innocent until proven guilty. I just feel like everybody’s convicted him already. Knowing him pretty well, I was trying to support him." Tyutin is regarded as one of the Blue Jackets' quiet leaders in the dressing room, a guiding influence for younger players on the club, especially the Russian and European players. He was visibly shaken as he spoke. "The words came out … I’m totally against it," Tyutin said. "My two little daughters and my wife ... I would never want anybody to do anything like that against them."