The Cleveland Cavaliers apparently have one significant weakness: playing mediocre to bad basketball teams. The Cavs got an opening night win over the Celtics where the final score was closer than the game really felt and then notched a blowout of a quality Milwaukee team on the road. Since then the Cavs have gone 1-2 with the win being a 7-point comeback win over the Bulls (probably the NBA’s worst team), a to the Orlando Magic (who are spunky and might be better than expected, but still not what anyone would call a “good” basketball team), and on Wednesday, a road loss to the Brooklyn Nets who led the entire way. The Nets, like the Magic, have been a pleasant surprise early this season with the effort they’ve played with and their propensity for playing close games, but with D’Angelo Russell out for the game, they had no business beating the Cavs (even with Dwyane Wade out). However, that’s what happened as Brooklyn improved to 3-0 this season at home. Making the Cavs loss to the Nets even funnier (or sadder if you’re a Cavs fan) is that the prize of the Kyrie Irving trade with the Celtics was landing the Nets 2018 first round pick. While some anticipated Brooklyn to be slightly better, that still was expected to be a high lottery pick and some solid insurance for a possible LeBron James departure.