Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith hasn’t let his off-the-field obstacles distract him from working to improve this off-season. Smith gets to the Cowboys’ practice facility in Valley Ranch at about 6:30 a.m. to work out before he attends “teaching sessions” with coaches. Smith said there’s a comfort level now under second-year offensive line coach Bill Callahan, and the offensive linemen have used the position meetings to review and improve this off-season instead of adapting to a new style. “We’re steps ahead of where we were last year,” Smith said. “We can make a huge step forward.” Following in the footsteps of two former Cowboys Hall of Famers — linebacker Randy White and offensive lineman Larry Allen — Smith started individual karate lessons about two months ago and trains two to three times a week. “They did karate to get their hands quicker and smoother,” Smith said. “It’s more about hand-eye coordination. Right now, I’m trying to get our offensive line into it.” Like last year, Smith also attends yoga once a week in the off-season to help him with flexibility, balance and hip movement. Smith said he didn’t get comfortable playing left tackle until about midway through last season. Nine of his 11 penalties came in the first eight games. Smith said he plans to gain 10 pounds so he can play at 315. “I just want to be a better run blocker and be stronger and more physical,” Smith said. “There were times last year where I felt like I was too fast and I was a little off-balanced. I just basically want to add a little weight and stay there, be fast and strong at the same time.”