The loss of former Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans hit many hard. Evans though quiet was a relatively loveable player. Sure at times he was frustrating but Evans was the first sign of hope for the Kings franchise in a long time. Yes the numbers from his rookie season were artificially inflated but Evans looked amazing during his rookie year regardless. Poor coaching injuries lack of a team around him whatever you want to blame Evans wasn’t ever able to recapture the magic of his freshman season sadly. The following years were marred with whispers of unhappiness both from Evans himself and the fan base who were growing frustrated with his inability to stay on the floor. Despite that when he signed elsewhere it left a hole in the hearts of many. Now a member of the New Orleans Pelicans after agreeing to a lucrative deal this offseason Evans told Sheridan Hoops that while he enjoyed his time in Sacramento especially the fans he just didn’t want to go through another change and the Pelicans seemed like a better opportunity both financially and in terms of on court success.