The first episode of It Needed To Be Said features Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill and agent Drew Rosenhaus saying plenty of things about his departure from the Chiefs. Hill also says a few things about his new quarterback, and about his former one.

“I’ve had a chance to see Tua [Tagovailoa] throw the ball, to myself, but. . . . he’s that dude, bro,” Hill said. “Like, what a lot of people don’t know, like, I’m not just sitting just saying this because he’s my quarterback now. . . . like, I’m not trying to get more targets right now, but what I’m trying to say is Tua is that deal, bro. . . . Bro, he has a heck of an arm, bro. He’s accurate. He can throw the deep ball, and he actually goes through his reads, where people are like on Twitter like saying, ‘Oh, he doesn’t go through his reads.’ Man, this dude is that dude.”

Hill’s co-host, Julius Collins, then asked Hill who has the stronger arm, Tua or Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes?

“Obviously, like I’m gonna go with 15 as the strongest arm but as far as accuracy-wise, I’m going with Tua all day,” Hill said.