A ping-pong table has been removed from the Miami Dolphins locker room in what, depending on who is asked, is either a move to eliminate distractions from the locker room or a move to make way for a new one in its place. The removal of the table was confirmed Wednesday afternoon by head coach Mike McDaniel, but was given a different context on Thursday.

During his Wednesday media availability, McDaniel said that the ping-pong table had been removed at the request of Dolphins team captains, most notably wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who he claimed believed that the locker room game had become a distraction.

"Tyreek and the captains decided that they wanted to take a step forward with all their opponent prep with regard to the team and their preparation with our game plans in general," McDaniel said when discussing the removal of the ping-pong table. "... That, to me, is leadership. To me, leadership is acting, not talking. There's a bunch of different examples from those guys, and that's why they're captains and that's why I rely on them, because it's about solving problems, not complaining about them."