Everyone has a podcast these days. And that group of everyone now includes Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill.

In the debut episode of Hill’s new podcast, he opens up about his departure from the Chiefs. Adding to the conversation was agent Drew Rosenhaus, the first guest on It Needed To Be Said.

Regardless of whether all of it actually needed to be said, plenty was said about the circumstances that led to Hill’s departure from Kansas City.

It had been believed that Hill’s exit flowed simply from the fact that the Chiefs made a business decision to both accept trade compensation (the flip side of “eff them picks”) and to avoid having to pay Hill a market value contract. Nothing personal, only business. Some of the comments made in the podcast make it sound like the business was more than dollars and cents and strategic decisions about managing the cap, now and in the future — and that more than a little of it became personal.

The problems, from Hill’s perspective, arose during the 2021 season. Hill started regularly texting Rosenhaus about Hill’s frustrations, beginning after Hill went from having 11 catches for 197 yards in the season-opening win over the Browns to getting only three catches for 14 yards in a 36-35 loss to the Ravens, on just four targets.

Consider this from Rosenhaus: “There was a lot of times during the year that we felt that Tyreek was underutilized and wasn’t fully appreciated, and that they really weren’t taking full advantage of all of his ability and talent. But Tyreek’s is a trooper. He never made a peep about it. He was extremely professional.”

“Never went to the media,” Hill said.

Rosenhaus said, on many occasions, he and Hill would communicate about Hill’s lack of opportunities to do more to help the Chiefs win. And that they believed there “wasn’t the same commitment” to Hill as in past years.