Tyler Bray's tumble through the 2013 NFL Draft ultimately ended on a positive note. After 32 teams passed on Bray, the former Tennessee quarterback signed a free-agent contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Jeff Bray, Tyler's dad, sounds relieved the process is finally over. "It was brutal," Jeff said on WWLS-AM in Oklahoma City, according to the Tennessean. "I personally think with that kind of talent, to sit through something like that, it just amazes me." Jeff said his son is "very excited" to be in Kansas City, but claims that two NFL teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, said they would draft Tyler. The Steelers ultimately chose Landry Jones out of Oklahoma. "Nobody wants him (in the draft), then for two hours the phone does not stop ringing from different teams," Jeff said. "As a parent, you say: 'You want him now, but you didn't want him in the draft?' I know I'm his parent, but I don't see how 11 quarterbacks get picked, and the best quarterback physically is not picked."