Tyler Boyd, the sandpaper-tough slot receiver with flypaper hands on pace to become the third-leading Bengals receiver of all-time, knows.

"I know, I know. I say it ever year. 'The sky's the limit,"' Boyd says. "I think every year is the year. But, you have to show people. We have to turn heads. Until we do that, we're average Joes."

The Joes, of course, are two of the reasons the Bengals don't think they should be so average in 2021. Star quarterback Joe Burrow with running back Joe Mixon and shake it with the dangerous trio of wide receivers Boyd leads and he says they just have to stay healthy.

"Nothing average about Joe (Burrow). He's going to lead us to the Promised Land," Boyd says. "Joe looks great. He looks like he's ready to play a game right now. I'm not worried about Joe. He makes magic when his number's called.

"It's like, 'How do you stop these guys?' I'm pretty sure there are guys already looking across the league and figuring out what guys got and I know we're one of the teams that guys are going to worry about."

Boyd loves his new receivers room, where his new position coach, Troy Walters, calls him, "Joe's security blanket." But he says there is one thing it has to do that hasn't been done lately.